Riverside Medical Clinic – Corona, CA

97,000 Sq Ft

Services include primary and specialty care services including adult medicine, pediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, occupational medicine cosmetic and dermatology services urgent care and outpatient surgery

Riverside Medical Clinic has been serving their community for over 85 years. Responding to the growing need for quality multi-specialty care in the Temescal Valley region, Riverside Medical Clinic built a new facility between two communities, Corona and Temescal Valley to provide leading edge medical disciplines in one convenient location. Drawing upon our long-standing relationship, Riverside Medical Clinic engaged Integrated Art Group for planning, curating and installing healing art. The art collection needed to bridge communities and disciplines, speak to the exceptional care of the organization and help to increase recruitment and market share.

Integrated Art Group embraced the challenge of unification by curating a diverse, community building art collection. Integrated Art Group engaged the Riverside Community Arts Association (RCAA) and established two bi-annual rotating art exhibitions featuring local artists, located in the Main Floor Waiting Area and the Cafe. Local art was also procured for inclusion in the permanent collection of 50 fine art pieces. Fine art, along with 329 complementing framed posters are harmoniously located throughout the clinic evoking a sense of place for patients, visitors, and staff.

Riverside Medical Clinic launched their grand opening in correlation with an art opening for the two local rotating exhibitions, drawing lively praise from the community and staff. The local rotating exhibitions and permanent collection continues to delight, bridging communities and multi-specialties within Riverside Medical Clinic’s leading facility.