The Soul of the Upper Midwest: Timestacking by Mark Weller


May 5, 2017 – June 2, 2017


Friday, May 5, 2017 | 5-9pm

We are pleased to present The Soul of the Upper Midwest: Timestacking by Mark Weller. Each of Weller’s renderings are inspired by movement, some magnificently dramatic and some capturing motion imperceptibly subtle to the eye. This exhibition will feature both his unique landscapes and vibrant abstraction unlike anything seen in Madison before. Though his process starts through the lens of a camera, his aesthetic draws on both the world of traditional painting and highly technical photography. Weller is perpetually exploring new ways to evolve his compositions without the use of post-processing beyond what he needs to time stack the images, which is comprised of many images shot over a short range of time, compressed into a single frame. Using his expert eye and his extensive knowledge, Weller will take thousands of shots in order to capture just the right moment in which the subject is “painted” across the composition.

Mark Weller is a Wisconsin native that has spent roughly 25 years specializing in photography. In his early career, he shot films in Alaska, afterward moving to Madison producing films for WPTV, and in the early 90’s becoming the CEO of a local telecommunications firm catering to rural areas statewide. In his free-time Weller began work as an astrophotographer, fundraising for the benefit of Wisconsin’s beloved Apostle Islands, which led him to discover his unique, cloud-swathed landscapes.