Paintings by Val Saxer

Exhibition: 2022


Valerie has enjoyed many careers and they have all contributed to her passion for art. Growing up with an artistic mother, who constantly said “Look, look, look” she was exposed to art in everyday applications and encouraged to see the obscure all around her. The most ordinary sites and objects are worth taking a second look at.

Valerie took art classes whenever available and was supplied with encouragement, inspiration and materials in the family home. She has had the opportunity to travel the world and soaks in the vibrancy around her and draws on this beauty in her work.

Born in Wisconsin and having lived on the Navajo Reservation, she is inspired by both dry and lush environments, everywhere she looks, she finds inspiration.
Passionate to paint, she has developed expertise in creating her artwork without ever using brushes, choosing her hands, trowels or manipulating the canvas itself, which is always painted on the floor.
Her style has often been called ‘Turneresque,’
and she welcomes the viewer to interpret what
they are “seeing”. Most of her artwork may be hung vertically or horizontally. Acrylics, sand and found elements may be incorporated into her artwork.

Valerie’s talents are recognizable in corporate, commercial and residential applications across
the United States and abroad.