In Omni Terra: Gustavo Fares and Katherine Steichen Rosing


Mar 11, 2016 – April 29, 2016


Friday, April 1st | 5:30-9pm

Gustavo Fares and Madison local, Katherine Steichen Rosing bring their work together in a unique exhibition that’s as tranquil as it is stunning. Both artists express a conceptual interpretation of the timeless nature and beauty of Earth’s natural places.

Fares’ subjects and style bridges genres from vibrant arboreal abstracts to densely textured, abstract-representational landscapes. His broad range of work explores the limits of painting and its relationship to language and symmetries.

Rosing is intrigued by the rhythms found in tree bark and the serene movement in a quiet forest pool. Her works brilliantly express her intrigue by way of a deeply textured composition and layers of color that dance on the edge of abstraction, articulating the essence of her subjects.