Dolls & Deviants: Molly Carter and Jason Ruhl


May 6, 2016 – July 1, 2016


Friday, May 6th | 5-9pm

This exhibition may be a little peculiar, delightfully unexpected, and executed with pristine simplicity. Both Jason Ruhl and Molly Carter have unique reductive processes in the way they work. Whether in a computer, with a blade or a pencil to paper, they distill their subjects and reincorporate them into contemplative, spacious compositions.

Molly Carter’s longtime fascination with the world of fashion and the statement it makes on the rituals of femininity has driven her to dissect images she finds where she then paints, draws, collages and stitches them back to life. Her reconstituted and occasionally simplified subjects address and explore the roles of the female gender and sexuality.

Jason Ruhl’s heavily refined compositions are inspired by songs he’s invited friends and acquaintances to send him. Through printing and collaging he simplifies the representation of his subject matter until only the essence is divulged yet still creates an almost intimate connection with the viewer. Ruhl will then put together a box set containing 13 of his prints with a disc containing the songs they were inspired by and send them to the participants.